Oferta pracy: Parfums Christian Dior -  Digital Manager EPCD & Export

Oferta pracy: Parfums Christian Dior - Digital Manager EPCD & Export

Since 1947, the men and women of Parfums Christian Dior have embodied the founding "couturier-perfumer's" unique spirit of excellence, creativity and expertise, both in France and throughout the world.

Our House is an open and highly-focused collective, a leader that thrives on the creativity of all its stakeholders. Our collective passion and our heritage, full of authenticity and dream, make us move forward and reinvent ourselves.

By revolutionizing the codes of French style and luxury through perfumes, and combining tradition with daring makeup and innovative skincare, we are reinventing every day the Dior style and its compelling, joyful and absolute beauty. Our stimulating missions give our employees the opportunity to develop new skills, overcome spectacular challenges and reveal their talent.

To go further, with Dior.


The Digital Manager EPCD & Export is part of The Marketing Team at the EPCD, reporting directly to Marketing & PR Director EPCD.

Within the Marketing Team, the Digital Manager EPCD & Export is in charge of:

● Establishing, executing and maintaining EPCD digital vision and strategy in line with company´s actual brand/digital strategy

● Leading digital transformation in-line with growing role of digital in consumer communication and SOB

● Developing innovative concepts and adapting online marketing strategies and coordinate the design of the brand, development and production

● Fueling management and marketing team with latest digital information and consumer behaviors

● Delivering market insight and recommendations to grow brand in digital environment

● Responsibility for all ECPD digital campaigns, with the support of media agencies

● Leading the technical development of online media such as e-mail newsletter, rich media, banner advertisements, and mobile platforms like phone or pad apps

● E-com: launch and develop Dior e-commerce across EPCD

● E-retail: develop e-retail channels, open new clients and assure highest standards and CEX in all e-retailers; build and execute annual e-retail plan; incorporate all possible touchpoints to build high quality visibility across e-retailers’ own media and tools

● Leading the CRM strategy, enlarging brand’s database, ensuring high quality reach

● Leading the digital communication, social media activity and the SEM/SEO strategy

● Working closely with media agency to deliver best consumer communication, based on extensive market and competitors’ analysis

● Driving the digital influencer strategy in partnership with PR.

● Working closely with all departments (marketing, sales, PR, finance, customer service, IT) and ECPD countries to ensure consistent digital development

● Review new technologies and keep the brand at the forefront of developments in digital marketing

● Delivering needed reporting and presentations

● Effectively manage budget

● Managing, inspiring and grow EPCD digital team

● Effectively managing relations with internal and externa stakeholders


Digital Manager leads brand’s digital transformation across EPCD markets (Poland, Czech Rep., Slovakia, Romania, Hungary) and export. Following brand strategy, international guidelines and luxury image, he/she is responsible for the development of key digital touchpoints, growing brand’s visibility and SOM.

Major focus areas consist of e-commerce, e-retail, CRM, digital tools and consumer communication.

You will lead the EPCD digital team assuring highest market standards and development.


Your success will be measured with the following KPIs:

· Growth of e-business (sales, SOM, distribution, etc.)

· Quality of execution according to brand guidelines and meeting required deadlines

· Development of e-com (visibility, database, conversion, sales, etc.)

· Growth of database and CRM KPIs of each Boutique in the region

· Regular reporting of all actions taken to the local Manager & French digital & PR team.

· Meet regularly with Marketing Director to provide feedback from the activity and to present the follow up on regular bases & quarterly to define next objectives.

· Regularly meeting an presenting strategy, results, insights and action plan to EPCD management team

Internal stakeholders:

· Manage digital team to assure appropriate dynamics, atmosphere and growth

· Work closely with marketing teams, all company departments (sales, finance, customer service, etc.), digital departments on international level and all ECPD countries.

· Digital Central team in Paris

External stakeholders:

· External companies – digital agencies (agency briefing, amendment, copy-writing, proof-reading) digital media, bloggers and suppliers

· Retailers’ digital teams


Key competencies:

· Strong motivation and passion

· Focus on high-end quality of execution

· Focus on results and strive for effectiveness

· Be creative, imaginative and energetic

· Understand the brand’s target on the luxury market – and know how to appeal to clients & customers’

· Be able to concentrate and work with tight guidelines

· Ability to act quickly and take decisions under the time pressure in changing / stressful situation

· A good communicator capable of inspiring strong collaboration in the organization

· Ability to plan and foresee

· Ability to communicate and establish good relations

· Ability to find new solutions and ideas

· Ability to organize and coordinate

· Ability to cope with a few different project at one time

· Enjoy working creatively in a fast-moving environment

· Strong managerial skills

Technical skills:

· Strong understanding of current online marketing concepts, strategy and best practices

· Excellent written communications (Polish & English) and presentation skills


· open-minded

· team-player and collaborative

· responsible and organized

· communicative and creative

· strongly motivated & self-driven

· easily acquire new information

· organizing and planning its work independently

· beauty & luxury business passion and understanding

· University degree

· 5 years professional experience, ideally in cosmetic industry


· A challenging role in a fast moving, ambitious environment, with daily learning opportunities and passionate team members.

· A competitive package, from compensation, benefits to perks

· Beyond this role, your development is a pillar of our ambition. Parfums Christian Dior, as part of LVMH, offers a Career perspective with a worldwide presence and continuous growth within 75 distinguished Houses.

So, How Far Will You Take Dior?

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